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Eagle with copper accents: Solid Crab Apple                       

Pipe Eye Owl: Solid Osage Orange                                 

Abstract Eagle Female: Solid Hickory                                                     

American Eagle: Solid Hickory                                             

Walnut Bear: Solid Walnut Log Approximately 4 foot High                      

Small Owl with copper accents: Solid Hickory                                        


Tawny Eagle Female: Solid Hickory                       Bacchus Ball Donation Kansas City

Large Barn Owl: Solid Cedar                                                                   

Tawny Eagle Female: Solid Hickory, Detailed                                         

Raven:  Solid Sycamore, Copper Accents                               

Falcon: Solid Sycamore                                                                        

Small Owl: Solid Hickory                                                                         

Large Owl: Solid Hickory                                                                          

Salmon Jumping: Solid Hickory one piece, Copper Accents                         

Spotted Owl: Solid Sycamore                                                              

Fish:  Solid Hickory                                                                       

Cherokee Walking Stick:   Solid Hickory   

Large Barn Owl:  Solid Hickory                             


Large Osage Owl:    Osage Orange

Horned Osage Owl:     Osage Orange

Osage Large Eagle:        Osage Orange

Osage Medium Eagle:    Osage Orange

Dual Horned Owls:    Walnut

Indian Head:    Walnut

Large Jumping Fish:    White Oak

Dual Spirit Wolves:    Crab Apple

Large Octopus:     Red Bud

Each wood sculpture is hand carved from a single log; sculptures range in height from 10" (51 cm) to 80" (153 cm). Occasionally relief cuts or steel pins are added for stabilizing a piece.

The artist would have spent over 6 months to a year from the start of a raw log to the air dried, hand carved finished piece.

You must expect that these solid wood sculptures will develop climate cracks, both fine and large.

These are not defects but will happen as these are indeed made from a single solid log that will age and weather just as it is expected to.  Seasonal climate changes in humidity will cause cracks to appear. 

Please note; cracks that are present now will most likely be the extent of all cracking.

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