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Paul Milan McCoy born in the Rocky Mountain Region of Colorado Springs, Colorado. Paul grew up in the Black Forest Region of Colorado and lived in the Colorado Springs area until 1994.

 An outdoor enthusiast and nature conservationist at heart; Paul enjoys creating works of art from both recycled and new materials including iron, mild steel, copper, wood; creating new fabrication pieces including contemporary furniture and hand crafted iron scrolls, gates, railings and large architectural pieces. Paul enjoys metal sculpting and is a bladesmith and master blacksmith.

Paul became interested in blacksmithing in 1994 and continues to develop machinery and techniques used for contemporary blacksmithing. Paul became interested in wood sculpture of raptors after the passing of his father.

Although wood is not as forgiving as metal; Paul has found patience and learned finesse with this new medium. Paul enjoys using materials that can be captured in his mind’s eye. “When I work with wood I am reminded that the medium I am using has a vision within it. I begin a piece by touching it, sitting with it and looking at it sometimes for hours; walking away and revisiting the piece days later.

I know what a piece will be when I can see the finished result through the piece and in my minds eye. I know a piece is done when it transforms to life and forms its own personality.

When my work is going well, I am filled with a sense of relaxation and calmness. When people see my work, I'd like them to envision what the piece is really saying, try to realize this is art and true art will speak to you; it is far from symmetrical and perfect; as in life each piece carries on its own character and charm.

When I work with metals I am reminded that the medium I am using is not natural but manufactured in a foundry, I must “will” the material into the end result. I begin a piece by heating, pounding and bending it. This material has stubbornness; each piece will work a little differently than the last piece.

I know a piece is done when it becomes ridged again and has a profound beauty and simplicity. When working with metals it reminds me that life is like the metal, you must form it and work at every inch of it for success.

When people see my metal work I would desire them to feel invited to it, not feeling the cold hardness of the steel but rather the form and function of it; Crisp edges and flowing scrolls, inviting you to touch it. Resident of Kansas City Missouri; Paul enjoys art festivals, BBQ, Blues music, Friends and Family.

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